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What We Do?

We provide real estate investors with the funds they need to buy and rehab homes in Maryland.

Banks shy away from properties that need a lot of work or need a quick close, but at Maryland Hard Money Lenders, that is our area of expertise. We can evaluate a deal very quickly to determine if it will be the right fit for both sides. Unlike banks or other more conventional lenders who have strict guidelines, Maryland Hard Money Lenders works much more effectively and efficiently.

We underwrite deals from a common sense approach and handle every aspect of your loan in-house. This is why we are truly a “partner” and not just a “lender” throughout your entire project.

We provide residential hard money loans for fix and flip properties. We will also provide bridge financing and occasionally provide buy and hold financing.

We Offer Hard Money Loans In Maryland

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Compete with Cash Offers

Some investors come with cash offers to gain the competitive edge. However, a pre-approval from Maryland Hard Money loans is the next best thing and considered equivalent to cash. You’ll be able to to remain competitive with all cash offers with a pre-approved loan from our company.

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Be Quick and Efficient

Our company is able to underwrite your deal in house and can close within days. We make the process easy for the borrower and the seller. We consider a variety of factors and not just your credit score when making loan decisions. Maryland Hard Money Lenders will typically approve within 24 hours and you’ll be ready to close in 3 business days.

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Keep Cash in the Bank

Cash is King! You will always want to try and use as little of your cash as possible so you have the ability to continue to make deals!

Why Choose Us

Our hard money loans are specifically designed with the Maryland real estate markets in mind.

With our office in Baltimore, we lend all over the Maryland area. Our experience as a real estate team managing and investing in properties for numerous years, we know how to properly utilize both fix-and-flip and buy-and-hold strategies.

We want to help other real estate investors continue to better our community and grow their personal wealth. Our goal is to help create more deals that benefit everyone. We underwrite deals from a common sense approach and handle every aspect of your loan in-house.

Ready to get started?

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Private Hard Money Lenders

We Provide Fast and Flexible Financing For Your Real Estate Deals

We believe that our local real estate expertise offers us a unique competitive advantage compared to our competitors.

Our experience in managing most of Maryland enables us to make very quick decisions when presented with a potential deal to finance. Our goal is to transform real estate financing for fix and flip investors!

Helping Real Estate Investors In Maryland

Our Team Of Real Estate Experts Are Here To Help

Private lending allows real estate investors to tap into deals previously available only to a select few. The team at Maryland Hard Money Lenders, LLC have many years of real estate investment experience, and they are ready to help.

Checkout our FAQ page to see some of the most common questions we hear, and browse through our blog to start soaking up all the real estate knowledge you need for your next opportunity.

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Our Borrowers Agree: We're Maryland's Best Choice For Private Hard Money Loans

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‘‘The lending process was straightforward. I found a property, reached out to get the loan, and the documents were handled quickly and efficiently. The closing process was as simple as it gets. I plan on doing many more deals in the future.’’

Tony C.

‘‘I needed extra cash to close a multi-property deal. I reached out to Maryland Hard Money Lenders, LLC to discuss the terms. I was able to quickly get access to cash to close my deal before the sellers could consider offers from other competitors. I would highly recommend working with them to anyone needing quick cash for a deal.’’

Jake B

‘‘Great company and people!!! I received the highest level of service and professionalism from Patrick at Maryland Hard Money Lenders. Patrick walked me through every step of the process and answered my questions quickly and knowledgeably. I recommend MHML 100% to all my friends/family.’’

S. Clifton