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5 Tips to Choose the Right Hard Money Lender for You

If you’re in the real estate industry, you know how important it is to connect with hard-money lenders. After all, they can help you fund investment properties quickly and for shorter terms than a conventional bank loan. However, finding the right lender for your investment goals is crucial. Read along as we go over five tips for choosing the suitable Maryland hard money lenders for your next investment. 

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What Is a Hard Money Lender?

Hard money loans are unconventional loans backed by real estate rather than a traditional loan from the bank. That said, hard money lenders are individuals or companies that will help fund a real estate investment and accept the property as collateral. 

Hard money lenders charge higher interest rates, usually around 7 to 12 percent on average. However, the rates are higher because they’re funded with private capital, thus having higher expectations for borrowers. 

Not all hard money lenders are the same–they can vary in price and quality. As such, it’s important to research to find a loan that aligns with your property investment goals. So next, let’s discuss who should get a hard money loan and why it may be the best option. 

Who Should Get a Hard Money Loan?

Investors who want a short loan repayment period and want to bypass the extensive approval process of a traditional mortgage loan should look into hard money loans. For instance, you may use a hard money loan if you need to access a lot of capital quickly. Lenders can give you this but often offer higher interest rates than traditional loans. 

That said, a hard money loan may be the right solution if you’re willing to pay a higher interest rate for quick and easy access to capital. Additionally, if you don’t qualify for traditional financing or don’t feel like enduring the lengthy approval process, you may look into complex money financing. 

Luckily, your credit score and history don’t matter as much for a hard money loan compared to a traditional mortgage loan. So, even if your hard money lender looks at your credit history and it’s not the best, you can still secure a hard money loan. 

However, finding a reputable hard money lender is crucial before proceeding with your loan process. Here’s how you can find Maryland hard money lenders in your area. 

How Can You Find Maryland Hard Money Lenders?

If you’re looking to get a hard money loan to fund your next investment, it’s crucial to find a reputable hard money lender. You can find hard money lenders by searching online or talking to other professionals in the industry. For instance, you can ask for referrals from other investors or industry professionals who can give you good recommendations. 

No two hard money lenders are the same, and they can differ in several ways. For instance, they can vary on loan criteria, types of properties they fund, location, fees, and more. 

Before securing a deal with a hard money lender, you’ll want to determine their interest rates, fees, loan approval times, etc. Read along as we go over some key factors to consider while choosing a hard money lender for your investment. 

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Hard Money Lender

Choosing a hard money lender that aligns with your investment goals is crucial. However, the first step is finding a reputable lender. Here are a few steps to consider while choosing a Maryland hard money lender for your next investment. 

  1. What’s the Location of Your Lender?
  2. Look at Interest Rates vs. Value
  3. Read Reviews About the Lender
  4. Work With Licensed Lenders
  5. How Long Will Approval Take?

What’s the Location of Your Lender?

Finding a nearby hard money lender is always advisable, even if you think you’ve found a better deal in another state. After all, local lenders have better insight into the local market, and they’re nearby, meaning closing deals happen quicker. 

Furthermore, some hard money lenders will want to see the property you plan on buying, so being within close proximity is in everyone’s best interest. 

Look at Interest Rates vs. Value

Although you may want to go with the lowest rates possible, you could end up with a bad deal if that’s the only thing you pay attention to. After all, private money lending has little regulation from the Federal Reserve System. This means that interest rates, approval time, down payment requirements, and general terms can vary from one lender to another. 

That said, investors need to look at other aspects, such as transparency, reputation, and professionalism, before opting for a lender with the lowest rates. Overall, you want to get value from the deal, so ensure you’re getting a lender that aligns with your investment goals. 

Read Reviews About the Lender

Like any other service you utilize or product you purchase, it’s important to read client reviews about hard money lenders in your area. After all, if someone’s had an excellent or terrible experience, they’re going to tell about it. 

Most trustworthy hard money lenders have a website where clients can leave feedback about their experience. This is a great place to start while looking for a hard money lender with a good reputation. By looking at reviews, you can weed out the bad candidates and narrow down your search for a hard money lender. 

Work With Licensed Lenders

Private investment lenders aren’t necessarily the same as hard money lenders. Hard money loans require a specialist to complete all requirements correctly. So, before entering a deal with a lender, ensure they have the correct licensing by the state’s housing and real estate department. 

Some hard money lenders may also be licensed under the National Mortgage License system or other applicable organizations. Before working with a lender, ask to see their proof of licensing and ensure everything’s up to date. 

How Long Will Approval Take?

Many people use hard loans because they’re quick and easy to get approved. Most hard money lenders take an average of one week or less to approve a loan. However, it’s important to look into how long it will take for you to get approved by a lender. 

If you’re in a time-sensitive situation, you’ll want to find a lender that’s known for speedy loan approval. However, it’s important to note that loans with quick turnaround times may have higher interest rates because of the risks involved. 

How Can Maryland Hard Money Lenders Help You?

If you’re wondering how you’re going to fund your next investment property, consider reaching out to one of our Maryland hard money lenders. Although hard money loans aren’t right for everyone, they’re a suitable way to start or expand your rental property business with a quick and easy loan solution. 

That said, our experts have the correct licensing and experience to help bring your investment goals to life. So, if you want to learn more about our lending process and how we can help fund your next property investment, contact your local Maryland hard money lenders today!

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