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How to Buy Apartment Buildings with Hard Money Loans 101

When it comes to how to buy apartment buildings, the money you need doesn’t grow on trees. Because of that, for many real estate investors, the tale is as old as time. You spot that one-of-a-kind, exceptional, must-have property. The one that could practically print money and give you the passive income you’ve always wanted.

Yet, you search and scour your financials, and the money you need to secure the property is nowhere to be found. Game over, right?

Not so fast. If you take out apartment building loans, investing in apartment buildings can become possible. This is especially true if you use hard money loans designed especially for people who need funds urgently and quickly. Learn how this works below.

Main Takeaways

  • Hard money loans are expedited loans designed to be received and paid off more quickly than traditional ones.
  • These loans are a good fit for apartment building purchases because of the above traits, as well as their less stringent criteria, allowance for the property to be less-than-perfect, and flexible loan plans.

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What are Hard Money Loans?

Hard money loans (HML) are short-term, asset-based, private real estate loans. These apartment building loans are different from “soft,” or traditional, loans in numerous ways.

Firstly, while traditional loan providers typically have a standardized, stringent set of qualifications, hard money lenders in Maryland usually weigh lending candidates on a case-to-case basis. Instead, they take in the prospective borrower’s unique situation and goals.

Furthermore, the loan terms are shorter and more efficient. They are crafted so that borrowers can complete the borrowing process as fast as possible.

Benefits of Investing in Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings are some of the most lucrative real estate investments available. Here’s why you should take advantage of this opportunity:

  1. Multiple Rentals at the Same Time: Investing in apartment buildings lets investors cash in on several rentals at once. In other words, you have multiple cash streams flowing from one investment. In turn, this income allows investors to rapidly expand their wealth.
  2. Grows Your Brand: By investing in apartment buildings, you can take a smooth gateway into the world of commercial real estate. This way, you can build your brand as a seasoned investor.
  3. Broader Selection of Tenants: Commercial real estate investments let you access more prospective tenants than you could in a home meant for only one family.
  4. Portfolio Diversification- Apartment buildings give you a chance to diversify your investment portfolio outside traditional avenues, such as stocks and bonds. Additionally, real estate investments can shelter you against an unpredictable market.
  5. Property Appreciation: Apartment buildings in up-and-coming areas can gain an appreciated value over time. Then, this could give you significant capital gains when you are ready to sell.
  6. Flexible Financing: Apartment buildings often have more flexible financing options than other kinds of real estate. After all, lenders usually prioritize the property’s possible income. This can help you get a good deal on apartment building loans.
  7. High-Demand: People in urban and suburban areas prize apartment buildings as housing because of affordability considerations. In addition, as demographics change and the population grows, the demand may rise further.
  8. Tax Benefits: Real estate investing is known for its tax benefits, and apartment buildings are no exception. With apartment buildings, you can subtract mortgage interest, property taxes, depreciation, and many operating expenses.
  9. Long-Lasting Wealth Accumulation: Because your rental income can cover your expenses as the property gradually appreciates, these two factors can grow your wealth. As time passes, you can fall back on this passive income for retirement or other goals you might have.

What Makes HML The Best Apartment Complex Loans

Hard money apartment building loans have numerous benefits that make them popular with real estate investors. Check out the top ones below.

  • Fast Approval and Funding- The hard money lending process is specifically designed to have a quick turnaround. As a result, you can tap into competitive markets or time-crunched investment prospects.
  • Less Stringent Requirements- Hard money lenders emphasize a property’s value and profit potential when choosing borrowers. Due to this, these apartment building loans are easier for investors with less-than-ideal credit to access.
  • Property Doesn’t Have to Be in Perfect Condition- Hard money lenders can be more open to financing properties that require repairs or renovations. As such, investors can tackle larger projects or properties that traditional lenders might decline.
  • Time-Efficient Payoff- Hard money apartment building loans are generally short-term, which makes them a good fit for investors planning to redo and resell properties expeditiously.
  • Customizable Loan Terms- Hard money lenders often provide flexible loan plans. This gives wiggle room for investors to customize terms to match their unique investment strategy.

How to Buy Apartment Buildings with Hard Money Loans

In terms of how to buy apartment buildings, hard money lenders all have their own processes. However, we have provided an example of what that process could be, based on our own process. Here’s an idea of what it could look like:

  1. Application: Commonly, hard money lenders ask you to respond to some basic questions, such as the loan amount you need and that loan’s purpose. Then, when you’re done with this, the lender will call you to chat further about the potential deal, screen any remaining checkboxes, and ideally, draw up a letter of approval.
  2. Standard Document Check: Your lender will want you to provide them with:
    • Your Driver’s license (a copy)
    • Your property’s addresses, if applicable
    • 2 years of tax returns
    • A sales contract copy, as well as any deposit checks
    • A bank statement with your current balance documented
    • A personal financial statement
    • A list collecting your needed repairs and draw schedules. It should contain material costs, labor expenses, contracts, or contractor estimates.
    • Copy of your property appraisal reports and inspection reports.
    • All corporate documentation (for entity borrowers)
  3. Inspecting and Valuing the Property: Next, a property inspector will connect with you to coordinate an inspection appointment. In addition, the lender may need your property to get valued and titled.
  4. Setup of Insurance and Closing Process: Your lender will need various kinds of insurance, depending on the type of loan you choose. When you get approvals on your property appraisal, title, or inspection, as well as proof of loan-equivalent General Liability Property Insurance, the title company will give you your loan. Specifically, when you renovate your apartment building, the lender may want you to get an Obtainer’s Risk Policy. Then, your contractors must provide proof of General Liability Insurance and Workmen’s Comp Insurance.
  5. Construction Draws: If you choose construction loans or rehabilitation-related apartment building loans, the lender will want you to have a construction escrow. Then, after each phase of construction finishes, you must coordinate property inspections. Finally, your draw will be released once the inspector approves your property and the property’s construction is done.
  6. Refinance or Sell Your Property: At long last, you can sell or refinance the property within the loan period to repay your loan. Now, you can proudly boast about your success in investing in apartment buildings. You made it to the finish line, you’ve repaid your loan, and most importantly, you have a property that boosts your profile and income in the industry!

Get Apartment Building Loans Today

It’s hard to ascertain exactly how to buy apartment buildings when you are short on cash at the most critical moment. However, investing in apartment buildings can be more viable when you get apartment building loans.

In particular, hard money apartment building loans can be a good choice for investors in need of expedited financial assistance. If you want to get your loan faster than a bank can accomplish, we can help. Call us today for the funds you need to strike on time-sensitive deals.


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