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16 Top Ways to Use Your Renovation Loan to Maximize Your ROI

When using your renovation loan, you need to make every cent count. Whether you own a long-term rental, short-term vacation spot, or are investing in a fix-and-flip, your revamp needs that “it” factor to increase buyer or tenant attraction and satisfaction. However, this is hard to achieve when the real estate market is so intensely saturated.

Luckily, you can separate yourself from the pack by catering to fragmented, but passionate and loyal, audiences. For example, if you design a few sustainable units, this could appeal to younger, climate-focused patrons. Look below to learn how you can offer standout property renovations.

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The Power of Psychology in Your Design Ideas

On some level, your target group prefers properties that match their inner selves. This translates to properties that match their personalities, aspirations, aesthetic senses, and prior expectations. Such effects can be subtle, yet powerful.

Because of this, Maryland hard money loan professionals like us recommend you tailor the property renovations below to your unique audience. In turn, these design ideas can communicate your brand without saying a word.


In these modern times, people prioritize the ability to connect across their platforms and devices. Little touches like smart tech can make the little nuisances more convenient.

Take a look at 3 tech installations to apply for your property renovations:

IoT Sensors

Internet of Things (IoT) sensors work to control indoor air conditions. For instance, tenants or buyers can use IoT sensors to custom-adjust the air quality, humidity, and air temperature. With these sensors, people can personalize the settings based on their preferences.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting allows you to control the lights without getting up. This way, when people are cozy in their beds and couches, they don’t have to lift a finger.

Smart Locks

With smart locks, you can control your lock with your phone or other authorized device. This way, people can’t easily replicate or steal residents’ keys to break in. Also, they won’t need a physical key to get in in the first place. It’s a win-win!

Eco-Friendly Design Choices

Increasingly, tenants and buyers are expecting sustainability practices from their homes. To meet this demand, many investors implement sustainable practices in their property renovations. You, too, can get with the times. Even better, you could save money in the process.

Investors can use their renovation loan to employ the following eco-friendly upgrades in their properties:

Energy-saving Lighting

You can limit electricity consumption by using your renovation loan to install LED bulbs and motion sensors. Motion sensors, in particular, automatically turn the lights off when no one is in a room. This can drastically cut excess electricity usage.

Low-flow Water Fixtures

In your property renovations, it’s possible to balance your water fixtures’ performance without sacrificing their quality. Low-flow technology exists for faucets, showers, and toilets. For instance, an aerated showerhead mixes air with water to make consistent water pressure while minimizing actual water use.

Sustainable Materials

If you’re crafty, you can find sustainable materials like bamboo flooring, reclaimed wood, and recycled glass. By using these materials, you can reduce your environmental impact, deforestation, and waste.

Non-Toxic Paints

Paints with high VOC levels emit harmful emissions and worsen air quality. Instead, use your renovation loan more productively. Get low or non-VOC paints for your walls and surfaces. As a bonus, this could help your property’s residents breathe easier, literally.

Mindful Lighting

Lighting design sets the tone for a positive residential experience. It influences how tenants and buyers perceive the home’s mood and ambiance—and their own. So, think about using your renovation loan on these standout lighting design ideas:

  • Layered Lighting: When you combine ambient, task, and accent lighting, this enables layers of ambiance versatility.
  • Variable Lighting: Pre-programmed or adjustable lighting is great because it can match all kinds of moods. This allows people to mold their ambiance for various situations.
  • Backlit Headboards: Illuminated headboards contribute a splash of sophistication and style. In turn, this enriches the room’s atmosphere.
  • Under-bed Lighting: If you provide LED lights under the bed, it can emit a soft glow. This boosts safety and fosters a tranquil feel during nighttime.

Accessible Layout

If you want your property renovations to cater to people with accessibility needs, accessible design is a must. 27% of Americans have them, according to the CDC. They account for a huge chunk of guests you will miss out on if you don’t plan accordingly. Consider 5 ways to use your rehabilitation loan to make your property more attractive to these residents.

Wheelchair-Friendly Layout

Clear, wide spaces are key to making your property renovations wheelchair-friendly, To accomplish this, set up wide doorways and clear pathways. These fixes will enable people to navigate your property comfortably.

Roll-In Shower

Your showers could be challenging for some tenants or buyers to use if they have physical barriers to entry. However, you can resolve this issue by using renovation loans to add roll-in design and grab bars. Even better, such thoughtful additions show an attention to detail that other sellers and landlords may not display.

Accessible Bathroom Fixtures

ADA-compliant property renovations should have bathroom fixtures at accessible heights. For instance, your sink, toilet, and shower controls should be low enough so that anyone can reach them. By making this fix, you show buyers and tenants you care about them having the same, equal access to basic facilities that any other guest would have.

Accessible Beds

When you install adjustable-height beds, they should have an empty space underneath. The space lets people who use mobility aids, such as walkers, get into your bed without crashing into it.

Visual and Tactile Signage

Add clear signs with big, high-contrast lettering and tactile features to support people with limited vision. With these property renovations, they can navigate the room and its features freely.

Get a Renovation Loan With MHML

Whether you have a long or short-term rental investment, you can maximize your renovation loan’s use by adding unique enhancements. In the intensely competitive real estate market, these amenities may be just what pushes your property renovations to the next level.

If you need ways to fund the construction of your property renovations, hard money loans can help. These expedited loans are designed to fund real estate ventures in a timelier manner than traditional loans can accomplish.

To be specific, people can receive hard money loans in mere days, vs. the months traditional loans can take. Particularly, they are a good option for those who need short-term or bridge financing. If you’re looking to accelerate your property renovations, this can be an ideal way to do it.

What’s more, at Maryland Hard Money Lenders, we can offer you the customer service and loan customization to ensure you make the best deal possible.  Contact us today to jumpstart your property renovations as soon as possible.

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