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Marketing a Fix-and-Flip: 7 Expert Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Imagine this: You want to do a fix-and-flip project. You know that it could turn a profit if you just found the right buyer. But finding the right buyer is a whole other project in itself.

The real estate digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and it’s hard for even the most seasoned pro to keep up. At first, you might have thought it was enough to just have a social media presence. However, now, social media content is a dime-a-dozen, and you need to do something to stand out from the rest.

That is where social media influencers come in. Their entire job is to engage social media audiences with various topics, including real estate. You may not be an influencer or even know any influencers. Luckily, though, there are real estate marketing ideas you can take straight from the influencer playbook. Let the hard money lenders in Maryland teach you the ropes.

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What are Influencers in Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing where your brand is based on your online presence, persona, and personal expertise and experiences. With influencer marketing, you create content on social media channels that posits you as an authority in your field. In essence, you want to be a thought leader who others listen to, follow, and even buy from.

What Makes Someone an Influencer?

To mimic influencers, you must do just that: influence people. You need to contribute to the broader cultural conversation in a unique way. You can make your mark by sharing your expertise and opinions on real estate industry and buyer matters. Most importantly, your insights should contribute something new and unique to their worlds. This shows buyers and other industry insiders that you are an expert on good fix-and-flips.

These tips may not seem directly related to selling your fix-and-flip property, but they are. As we will delve into later, part of sales is about relationships. Influencer-style actions allow you to cultivate your relationship with potential buyers. After all, people could feel more confident buying from a source they already trust.

Pinpoint Your Audience

This is a time to think about what your ideal fix-and-flip buyer looks like. You should think carefully about what their real estate needs, concerns, and life circumstances are, and tap into those. Furthermore, you should offer opinions and expertise that enlightens them about what’s on their mind.

For example, if prospective buyers need little extra money to fund their purchase, you could suggest various types of bridge loans. This way, you have provided value to them through sharing your information.

Pick a Platform

After you pinpoint your target audience, you must choose a platform for connecting with them. There are several options you could pick, so choose wisely. They all have sway on different audiences.

Social Media Platforms for Your Fix-and-Flip

  • Instagram: Instagram is a visual-based platform where gorgeous images are front and center. These qualities make it a perfect pick for those looking to showcase their properties.
  • TikTok: TikTok is one of Gen Z’s favorite platforms—it’s why they’re glued to their phones so much! As Gen Z ages, their spending power grows, so you should cater to them.
  • and Nextdoor: People use and Nextdoor to connect with their local communities. On one hand, you may reach a smaller scale of people. However, your quality of leads may be increased. You can directly reach people who want to live in (or know others who want to live in) your property’s neighborhood.

Growing Your Reputation

It helps when other notable figures related to the industry endorse your brand. This will legitimize it with other industry experts and with the general public. Such a concept might sound intimidating, but “notable figures” could include a fellow investor, a customer with personal experience with your work, or another reputable person in your inner circle.

You can plant the seeds of this growth by sharing other influencers’ content, commenting on it, and catching their attention. When you show interest in other people’s work, they are more likely to reciprocate. This is just good networking, in general.

Be Authentic

Customers flock to influencers because of who they are. This is commonly called a “parasocial” relationship, where viewers develop a connection or attachment to content creators as people.

Parasocial relationships are the bread and butter of influencer marketing. They’re why your expertise and product aren’t the only thing that matters in your real estate digital marketing. People care about who is behind the curtain, about who is giving them that information. They want to know if the person is likable and trustworthy.

Your audience will expect to see glimpses of you as an authentic human being, not just as a salesman or an expert. Here, your personality itself is a real estate marketing asset.

Why is Authenticity Important in Real Estate Digital Marketing?

The above lessons can have a subtle, yet powerful, impact on buyers. To show how, let’s imagine a real estate marketing situation where you can buy a house from two different people.

One person is cordial yet aloof, all business, all the time. They’re tight-lipped and closed-off. You might feel a sense of distance and distrust towards the person.

On the other hand, you could buy a house from someone friendly, open, and welcoming. You both share a favorite sports team. You learned a bit of their life story, that they were inspired to get into real estate investing by their father. All in all, they seem much more approachable and trustworthy, like someone you’d want as a neighbor in everyday life.

Many people would go with the nicer, kinder-seeming person as their seller, not the cold, distant one.

In that vein, relatability is the basis of your brand. All of your content, informational and otherwise, should show off your personality. And that personality should come across as genuine and real. People want to see you make little mistakes, joke around, and just live life. For instance, if your cat’s tail dominates the camera for a few seconds, embrace it and laugh along. These real estate marketing ideas can boost your profile.

For better or worse, parasocial relationships are a secret ingredient that cultivates customer conversions and loyalty.

Tap Into Trends

It’s essential to tap into the newest trends and topics of the hour. After all, like we said earlier, the whole point of influencers is that they add to the cultural conversation. You should strike on hot topics happening in the real estate world and be able to discuss them in a meaningful way. If you’re looking for real estate marketing ideas to talk about, anyway, current events can be a good way to discover them.

Connect with Your Supporters

When people take the time to comment on your posts, you should respond in kind. This real estate digital marketing practice shows that you are invested in your audience and that you are approachable. Best of all, gestures like this go a long way to cultivate parasocial relationships that can help sell your fix-and-flip.

Measure Your Progress

Many social media platforms provide insights and analytics that allow you to examine your progress. This way, you can access your demographics, reach, and engagement rate to see which content resonates with your audience. You can look at your broader fix-and-flip marketing efficacy, including areas for improvement and growth opportunities.

Fund Your Fix-and-Flip with MHML

By shaping a genuine connection with potential buyers, you can stand out as a reliable housing provider. If you create engaging, authentic content that resonates with your audience, you can become a trusted authority for buyers. With our tips, you can get your name out there. That is, you can get one step closer to a sale.

However, if you’re still at the stage of needing fix-and-flip funds for renovatons, we can help with that, too. We specialize in hard money loans, a type of loan you can receive and pay off quickly. Contact us today to spark your ROI on your home.

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