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Star-Studded Secrets: Tips for Successfully Flipping Houses!

We all wish we could be flipping houses for money like the rich and famous. Luckily, some celebrities have shared their tips and tricks for success while flipping houses. For example, legendary actress Diane Keaton has renovated and sold over 7 houses with profitable results. While her style is not attainable for all, there are still lessons that any investor can take away from her success. Today, we’ll learn from her Tucson, Arizona property that she sold at a huge profit in 2017. We’ll also discuss how investors without a star-studded bank account can utilize hard money loans to propel them to success in flipping houses!

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flipping housesWhat is Flipping Houses?

Flipping houses is a real estate investment strategy in which investors “flip” a house from being undesirable to being prime real estate. Investors will buy a low-priced house in disrepair, refurbish it to increase its market value, and resell it with high returns. Flipping houses can range from simply renovating the appearance of the property to updating its features to be more user-friendly.

Flipping houses can make your profits skyrocket to levels you’ve never seen before. When funds are tight, hard money loans can make your vision come true. Hard money loans are asset-based loans you can receive and pay off quickly. Many people choose these loans when they need to flip a house efficiently and effectively. Below, we’ll give you some celebrity-inspired ideas of how you can maximize every penny of your hard money loans in Maryland.

Diane Keaton’s Renovation Story

When Diane Keaton initially bought her Tucson, AZ house, it was worth $1.5 million. She declared in a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview that she intended to “fix” and sell the home, not live in it herself, from the very start. And fix it she did.

In the span of two years, Keaton rehabilitated her property’s kitchen, added a swimming pool, and contributed warm, oversized lights to its living room. She specifically chose to tint the house’s paint and décor in a neutral palette.

Moreover, she maintained a specific color aesthetic in the little details, from her blue-gray kitchen cabinets to her milky white bathroom walls, to that bathroom’s softly ash-hued wooden floors. In other rooms, she opted for industrial brick flooring to spice things up. praised Keaton’s renewals as a “gangbusters glow up.” Similarly, Variety magazine gushed that, “with a rustic desert-chic aesthetic, Keaton’s sophisticated upgrade honed the interiors’ subtle details and added an oversized swimming pool that makes the property an ideal vacation getaway for overworked city types or locals simply looking for a resort-inspired residence.”

What We Can All Learn from Flipping Houses Like Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton showed us that when it comes to design, the little details add up. While not every investor has a large amounts of money at their fingertips, there are a few basic principals that apply to flipping houses on any budget. Let’s look at the lessons we can take away:

What We Can Learn from Diane Keaton’s Home Designs

  1. The Little Details Go a Long Way: Small aspects of your home can leave a big impact on your buyer’s impression. Keaton had the foresight to know that moving the position of her windows just a few feet completely alter a room’s brightness and warmth. When a simple light stream changes, the entire vibe of the room shifts with it. While the average person may not be able to completely redo their windows from scratch, they can control the finer details of those windows, such as bright, yellow curtains. This philosophy can be applied elsewhere, too. When you add to your home’s surroundings in tiny ways, their impact adds up to give your home a hugely new feel.
  2. Color Schemes Can Make a Room Stand Out: Keaton’s primary bathroom would look grim and bleak if it weren’t for the “midcentury-style pendant lamps” that contrast the interior’s pitch-black darkness. This nuanced design adds complexity to, and compliments, an otherwise ordinary space. Likewise, your color scheme can drastically alter the mood of your room. For example, if you implement affordable fixes such as a mellow blue rug, a blue blanket, and a blue pillowcase, they can signal to buyers that your house is a tranquil sanctuary. On the contrary, if you add vibrant, red and gold shades, it adds a regal flair to your dwelling.
  3. Focus on Texture: Keaton incorporated brick, straw, and mud materials in her entryway floor. This teaches us how the textures in your decor can add a layer of sophistication to your home. If you place a ruffled throw on your bed or a wood table next to it, these alterations can bring different sensations to your area. But this isn’t her idea alone. In fact, texture and natural materials is a huge design trend in 2024, and it’s one that never really goes out of style.

These may seem like surface, superficial changes, but they matter to many buyers. Flipping houses and being successful relies on appealing to the local market and local buyer. So, remember to be mindful of your style choices when renovating a home. These tips could make or break your home’s first impression.

Flipping Houses on Any Budget

There is a lot to learn from Diane Keaton’s experience of property flipping. Easy interior design selections can transform the entire presentation of your home. Elements as basic as your home’s color scheme, textures, and décor can be enough to make or break its marketability. Fortunately, these factors are within many people’s control. With hard money loans, you can apply Keaton-inspired ideas to your home flipping journey and increase its market potential.

If you need funds, but don’t know where to start, we can help. Maryland Hard Money Lenders has years of experience in providing hard money loans for fix-and-flips. These loans are an excellent choice for people in a hurry to jumpstart their projects or those who cannot get traditional financing. We can serve as a resource that enables you to fulfill your real estate aspirations. Call Maryland Hard Money Lenders to kickstart your house-flipping journey today!

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